WS&E Internal Information Resources

This area is restricted to CoF employees.

Admin and Management Documents

Form: GRA & Student Annual Evaluation (MS Students | PhD Students)
Form: FRA Annual Evaluation (PDF | MS Word)
Form: Acknowledgement of Safety Rules, Emergency
         Procedures and Hazard Communication Training (PDF)
Form: New Employee Checklist (PDF)
Form: GRA Hiring Request (MS Word)

Form:  Employee Exit Checklist (PDF)

Form:  Supervisor's Exit Checklist for Employees (PDF)

WS&E Support Staff Duties by Task (PDF)
WS&E Committee Assignments (HTML | PDF | MS Word)

Faculty Annual Reporting

Annual Reporting Template (MS Word)
Guidelines for Faculty CV (PDF)

Faculty Review

Faculty Review Committee Procedures (PDF)
Faculty Peer Teaching Review Program (PDF)
Guidelines for Developing and Evaluating the Teaching Portfolio (PDF)
Elements of the Faculty Peer Review Evaluation Letter (PDF)
Faculty Peer Teaching Review Process Checklist (PDF)

Student Information

Undergraduate Advising Guide (PDF)
Form: Undergraduate Student Exit Interview Template (PDF | MS Word)

Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)

Form: Graduate Student Check In Checklist (PDF)

Form: Graduate Student Exit Interview Template (PDF)
Form: Graduate Student Check Out Checklist (PDF)
Faculty Policy on Wood Science Qualifying Exam (PDF)

Reference Documents

Department Strategic Plan (PDF)
WS&E Staffing Plan (August, 2011) (HTML)
Resident Instruction Goals (PDF)
WS&E Space Allocation Principles and Guidelines (HTML | PDF | MS Word)
WS&E Field Trip Safety Guidelines (HTML | PDF | MS Word)

College of Forestry Admin Memos
Graduate School Forms
Travel Reimbursement Rates
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