Wood Magic

During the second week of October the rooms of Richardson Hall were transformed, for the thirteenth year in a row, into the wonderland of Wood Magic. From October 11-13 over one thousand students from 40 different classes descended on the campus to learn the wonders of wood. Attending schools came from Corvallis, Albany, Salem, Sweet Home, Newport, Lebanon, Dallas, Pleasant Hill, and even Duck loving Eugene.

By the end of their time here, students enthusiastically grasped their bubbling bazookas  and bendable wood while talking about how “cool” the day was and expressing a desire to return next year. The enthusiasm of the students was matched by teachers and parent chaperones. Adult after adult praised the program and expounded on the things they personally had learned throughout the day.  Teachers specifically loved the interaction that their students had with college students and professors. Tim Swanson of Oak Heights was inspired to create a slideshow on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWhdhlLcc6c and commented, 

 “Thanks to OSU for the great learning experience!  The rotations differentiated the information and reinforced schema, while building tons of new knowledge.  It was inspiring to have professors teaching and grad students working with our kids.”

Thanks once again to everyone who volunteered their time to make wood magical for third, fourth and fifth graders from around the state.


Click here for more information about the Wood Magic program.