Oregon State is a major renewable materials science and engineering research center in North America and one of the largest comprehensive university research programs in the world. All faculty members are active researchers or scholars. Our research programs are interdisciplinary and linked very closely to our graduate education program.

Research is supported by extramural grants and contracts, a voluntary tax on the harvest of timber in Oregon as well as by state and federal appropriations. Department faculty provide contract testing and evaluation services on a fee basis as time, equipment and facilities allow.

Our research is also conducted through specific programs:

USDA Wood Utilization Research Grant (WUR): Oregon State is one of thirteen universities at 11 WUR Centers in the US. WUR research is focused on enhancing the global competitiveness of the broad domestic wood products industry.

Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM): OSU is a charter member of this organization focused on research and education programs relating to environmental impact of the production, use, and disposal of wood and other bio-based materials.

NSF Industry/University Research Cooperative on Wood-based composites (WBC): This center is a partnership between industry OSU and the National Science Foundation.