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Name Position Type Title Research Interests Contact Information
A Bakar, Balkis Graduate Student 163 Richardson Hall
Albee, Raquel Graduate Student 173 Richardson Hall
Anderson, Hunter Graduate Student 250 Richardson Hall
Arbelaez, Raphael Graduate Student 163 Richardson Hall
Baas, Esther Graduate Student Owen Hall 345
(920) 203-8679
Barbosa, Andre Faculty Adjunct faculty 342 Owen Hall
(541) 737-7291
Beairsto, Cody Graduate Student 163 Richardson Hall
Bernart, Logan Graduate Student
Boehner, Bill Faculty Courtesy Faculty
Bora, Shrenik Graduate Student 246 Richardson Hall
Broline, Bruce Faculty Courtesy Faculty
Brown, Terry Faculty Professor Emeritus
Brunner, Charles Faculty Professor Emeritus
Cappellazzi, Jed Faculty Faculty Research Assistant 240 Richardson Hall
(541) 324-4270
Cervantes, Andrew Graduate Student
Cheng, Nancy Faculty Courtesy Faculty
Clauson, Milo Faculty Senior Faculty Research Assistant 140 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-4248
Dilmaghani, Morvarid Graduate Student 250 Richardson Hall
Fitzgerald, Dillon Graduate Student 248 Richardson Hall
Fore, Ruth Faculty Instructor
Freitas, Shawn Faculty Courtesy Faculty
Guerrero Martinez, Jose Graduate Student 251 Richardson Hall
Gupta, Rakesh Faculty Professor of Wood Engineering and Mechanics
  • Structural Wood Engineering/Mechanics
  • Wood-based Composites
114 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-4223
Haney, Angela Staff Administrative Manager (541) 737-1350
Hansen, Eric Faculty Professor of Forest Products Marketing and Department Head
  • Bioeconomy Transition
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Extension
  • Forest Products Marketing
  • Organizational Innovation
108 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-4240