WS&E Faculty

Name Office Areas of Interest Phone
Davis, Kent Richardson Hall 132

Instructor - Wood Machining, CAD/CAM/CNC, Secondary Wood Product Development
and Testing Services.

Gupta, Rakesh Richardson Hall 114

Structural Wood Engineering/Mechanics; Mechanical Properties and Behavior of Wood and Wood-based Composites

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Please send me an email; FAX 541 737 3385
Hansen, Eric Richardson Hall 108

Organizational Innovation; Bioeconomy Transition; Corporate Responsibility; Forest Products Marketing

Kamke, Fred Richardson Hall 104
Wood-based Composite Science; Wood/Water Relationships; Heat and Mass Transfer; Adhesive Bonding
Knowles, Chris Richardson Hall 118

Forest products marketing & industry innovation; Improving Oregon forest products competitiveness

Laleicke, Frederik Richardson Hall 116

Applied Research, Third Party Certification, Nondestructive Evaluation and Testing

Leavengood, Scott Richardson Hall 130

OWIC Director - Linking research and education with industry needs; assisting entrepreneurs with market assessments and product testing

Li, Kaichang Richardson Hall 102

Formaldehyde-free and Environmentally Friendly Wood Adhesives from Renewable Materials; Pressure-sensitive Adhesives; Styrene-free Thermosetting Resins; Natural-fiber-reinforced Polymer Composites; Wood-based Composites

Milota, Mike Richardson Hall 136
Wood liquid relations; wood drying and physical properties; VOC emissions.
Morrell, Jeff Richardson Hall 230
Wood preservation and biodeterioration; pathology
Muszyński, Lech Richardson Hall 106

Mechanical performance of solid wood, wood-based
composites, and massive timber elements; Micromechanics of adhesive bonds; Innovative measurement methods

Nairn, John Richardson Hall 112

Deformation and Fracture Mechanics of Wood and Wood-Based Composites; Numerical Modeling Using the Material Point Method; Durability of Composites

Riggio, Mariapaola Richardson Hall 236

Renewable materials in architectural design; Mass timber buildings; Building asset assessment, monitoring and

Robinson, Sara Richardson Hall 232

Wood anatomy; spalting; wood aesthetics; applied wood mycology.

Schimleck, Laurence "Laurie" 119 D Richardson Hall

Development of new and innovative technologies for the measurement of wood properties.

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Simonsen, John Richardson Hall 120

Nanocellulose; Biopolymers; Composites; 3D Printing

Sinha, Arijit Richardson Hall 234

Structural engineering; Durability; Connections; Green building materials; Life cycle analysis; Product development for efficient use of renewable materials

Smith, David Richardson Hall 238

Undergraduate Advisor; Renewable Materials Manufacturing; Using biomass for products and energy

Name Office Areas of Interest Phone
Brown, Terry

Extension education in primary processing efficiencies; quality control; total quality management (TQM); secondary manufacturing. Problem-solving short courses and assistance on lumber manufacturing; quality control; total quality management; general process improvement; plywood manufacturing.

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Brunner, Charles

Wood processing, operations research, optical properties of wood.

Karchesy, Joe

Natural products chemistry of polyphenols and sesquiterpenes. Wood chemistry.

McLain, Thomas

Structural mechanical connections; wood mechanical properties.

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(336) 293-7689
Wilson, Jim

Life cycle assessment of wood products to determine their environmental and energy performance. Documenting and modeling the environmental performance of wood as a building material; modeling life cycle assessment of wood during manufacturing as a means to optimize the use of wood, other raw materials, electricity and energy resources while protecting the environment; establishing the sustainability of wood products. Focus on the manufacture and use of wood composites for both residential and commercial buildings and in secondary products.

Name Office Areas of Interest Phone
Boehner, A. William

Wood-based composite science and technology; new product development; product and process evaluation and testing; continuing education in the wood-based composite area.

Bruce Broline

Online short course development.  Adhesive technology.  Guest Lecturer.

Galligan, William L.

Engineering properties of wood; nondestructive testing methods; mechanical testing methods, ethics, professionalism and conduct in the workplace

Hermann, Anndrea

Hemp fibre and seed agronomy and breeding, hemp field trials and crop THC sampling, sales, marketing, product development, regulatory affairs, certifications and licensing, hemp building applications, project analysis, bodycare, fashion, and food.

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Lachenbruch, Barbara RH 330

Ecophysiology of living trees; wood quality for utilization; integration
of why plants produce the structures they do, and how that influences
the resulting log and wood qualities

Maureen Puettmann WoodLife Environmental Consultants, LLC

Maureen Puettmann is the owner of WoodLife Environmental Consultants, LLC, where she has been performing life cycle assessments (LCA) on forestry operations, wood products, and biofuels for 15 years. In addition to her being courtesy faculty at OSU, she currently holds an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of Tennessee (UT).  Before founding WoodLife, she served on the faculty at OSU for six years, where she
taught environmental marketing and life cycle, wood anatomy, and wood
and fiber physics, and conducted life cycle assessments and research.

Miller, Thomas 344 Owen Hall

Professor Miller's structural engineering and structural mechanics
research interests include earthquake engineering, timber structures
and cold-formed steel structures. Current research projects involve
seismic hazard assessments, modeling and behavior of residential timber
structures, and applications of renewable materials in construction.

Xiaoping, Li RH 251
Name Office Areas of Interest Phone
Clauson, Milo Richardson Hall 140

Engineering Lab Manager

Huang, Jian Richardson Hall 142

Wood chemistry

Li, Anlong Richardson Hall 134

Wood Chemistry