Future Graduate Students

Beaker with Tree

We offer MS and PhD degrees in Wood Science with a broad range of specialties. Example specialties are chemistry, physics, composites, bio-deterioration and business. Dual MS and PhD degrees are also possible. Common dual degrees are with Material Science and Civil Engineering.

Renewable materials like wood are essential to human existence.  The demand for the energy and thousands of consumer and industrial products made from wood and other renewable materials is growing, especially as society becomes more aware of sustainability and green issues.

To meet the global challenges of the 21st Century we must be more innovative in making, marketing and using products from renewable resources while minimizing environmental impacts. We need to learn more about complex renewable materials like wood and dream of new ways that they can help us in the future. Our domestic industry must develop and implement new technology and marketing strategies to remain competitive.

The graduate programs in wood science are designed for the future scientists, technologists and businesspersons who will meet the challenge of new knowledge and innovation.

Oregon State is an international education and research center with a world-class faculty and state-of-the art facilities for inquiry and exploration. The State of Oregon is a center for renewable materials because of our natural resources,  well-established industry and sustainability focus. We offer MS and PhD degrees in Wood Science that are closely integrated with our research programs and that allow students to tailor their program around a wood science foundation. All programs are highly interdisciplinary and many students also pursue dual graduate degrees in science and engineering disciplines such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, or forest science.

Our graduates are sought by private companies, global corporations, government agencies, universities and others. Examples of recent jobs include:

  • Design Engineer, Oregon, New York, California

  • Product Development Engineer, Australia

  • Project Manager, Massachusetts

  • Market Researcher, Washington, Canada

  • Chemist, Oregon, California

  • Adhesives Technologist, Oregon, Texas

  • Image Processing Engineer, California

  • Consulting Wood Technologist, New York

  • Research Engineer, Idaho, North Carolina

  • Research Associate, Michigan, Massachusetts, Virginia

  • Research Scientist, Canada, Japan, Philippines

  • Technical Representative, Louisiana

  • Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Oregon, California

  • Assistant Professor, Minnesota, Brazil, Chile, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee and elsewhere

  • Research and Development Scientist, Oregon, Georgia