Dr. Fred Kamke, First Recipient of the Wilhelm Klauditz Fellowship

Dr. Fred Kamke, First Recipient of the Wilhelm Klauditz Fellowship

Dr. Fred Kamke (left) and Bernt Kressmann (JELD-WEN General Manager for Doors, Germany) during a visit to the JELD-WEN door manufacturing plant in Oettingen, Germany.

The first recipient of the Wilhelm Klauditz Fellowship, sponsored by the Fraunhofer Institute – WKI, was Dr. Fred Kamke. The WKI, located in Braunschweig Germany, focuses on the development of novel processes, technologies, and materials from renewable resources such as wood and other natural cellulosic materials. They investigate technologies for composite materials, adhesives, coatings, fire protection, indoor air quality, building science, and develop measurement and quality control technologies.

“The WKI has the most advanced and extensive accelerated weathering facility dedicated to building science in the World.” – Kamke

As part of the Wilhelm Klauditz Fellowship, Dr. Kamke conducted a joint research project at WKI from July to October in 2011. The project examined various accelerated weathering techniques as a means to predict long-term performance of wood-based composites used in exterior applications. The project also has a long-term component, with matched test specimens exposed to the climate on test fences in Braunschweig, Germany and Corvallis, Oregon.

"Dr. Bo Kasal is the Director of the Institute and a graduate of the Wood Science & Engineering Department at OSU (PhD 1992). “Dr. Kasal and his staff of scientists at the WKI were fantastic to work with.” – Kamke

Kamke delivered the first Wilhelm Klauditz Lecture, titled “Wood in American Life.” In his presentation, Kamke described historical events and important product innovations that shaped the timber industry and influenced American life – from the first settlers up to present day. He also shared his insight on future challenges and opportunities facing the timber industry in the USA and globally.

While in Germany, Kamke visited the Federal Research Center for Forestry and Forest Products at University of Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences at Kuchl Austria, JELD-WEN Door plant in Oettingen Germany, and University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.