Arijit Sinha, Assistant Professor of Renewable Materials

Arijit Sinha, Assistant Professor of Renewable Materials, is a structural engineer and a LEED Green Associate. After receiving his BS in Civil Engineering from Delhi University in India, Ari moved to Corvallis where he earned his MS and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering and Wood Science at OSU. Sinha also has professional experience working in a construction firm. His research thrust was related to structural and material performance to the level expected by occupants, government and the public. To accomplish this, Ari’s research over the last few years combined wood science and structural engineering to characterize multi-scale performance and response of structural components and composite material under different loading scenarios. Ari’s research focus now is on enhancing sustainability in engineering in a holistic way. Sustainability drivers need to focus on three main aspects – economic, environmental, and social – but not in isolation. Moreover, how sustainability goals are impacting structural performance needs to be evaluated. Integrated systems and solutions are needed to make advances and bring in sustainability in engineering and materials. Ari’s research strives to towards developing integrated systems to bridge a gap between renewable material science and its application in structural engineering.

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